The accessibility of this data in real-time allows the Owner, Facility Operators and Project Teams to easily access a single centralized location to capture, track and store information such as equipment asset and performance data.

Data Collection

Information for each building system asset is collected and organized in real-time and stored on a shared database on the BuiltSpace platform.

Asset Tagging

Each asset is tagged with a QR code that allows the BuiltSpace platform to capture and share data with the building operators, managers, etc.


Our cloud-based service management package is a paperless, digital documentation and field-data capture system that is fully BIM and Revit compliant.
This innovative program allows our dedicated Performance Engineering teams to author and execute commissioning and facilities optimization plans via handheld field-data collection tools (iPad, tablets, etc.)


The BuiltSpace platform will live and grow with the building. As new systems and assets are added throughout the building’s life-cycle, their data/ information will be collected as well.

File Formats

Data can also be collected and uploaded directly by PxENG to the shared BuiltSpace platform where it is accessible to our clients including photos and documents.
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