Buildings Are Never Static

Truly dynamic buildings must align our clients’ functional needs – today and beyond. As consultants, we serve as a comprehensive, single point of contact on behalf of the client to enhance overall performance through building systems integration, which in turn maximizes energy utilization.


PxEng has partnered with leading-edge software developer, BuiltSpace Technologies, to develop
an interactive, customizable, cloud-based platform for delivering our Performance Engineering portfolio of services.

Our digital documentation and field-data capture system is fully BIM and Revit compliant.
This innovative program allows our dedicated Performance Engineering teams to author and execute commissioning and facilities optimization plans via handheld field-data collection tools.

(iPad, tablets, etc.).


Inspections, work reports, photos, drawings, operation and maintenance (O&M) manuals, and other related documentation can all be read, input, updated, or flagged directly from the field.


The accessibility of this data in real-time allows the Owner, Facility Operators and Project Teams to easily access a single centralized location to capture, track and store information such as equipment asset and performance data.

A Performance Engineering system
can pay for itself many times over

Consolidated access to information means less guesswork and more
efficient management of both in-house resources and external contractors.

  • Design

  • Building

  • Commissioning Data

  • Collaborative Facilities Maintenance

Our unique ability to transition Design, Build and Commissioning data into a collaborative
facilities maintenance platform that multiplies the value of engineering data used by
operations teams and external contractors throughout the lifecycle of any property.

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